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Rights and responsibilities involved in using the forum/blog of Challengers (xxx.be)

This blogging service at the website address www.kpnbasefacts.be is made available to you subject to your acceptance of the Conditions of Use set forth below. The use of this blogging service at www.kpnbasefacts.be entails unconditional acceptance by the user of all of the present Conditions of Use. This service has been created and is administered by KPN Group Belgium s.a., Neerveldstraat 105, 1200 Brussels, Register of Legal Entities (Brussels) VAT BE 0462 925 669, basefacts@kpngroup.be, Fortis 210-0877799-01.

The activities of KPN Group Belgium s.a. are supervised by the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), Astronomielaan 14, box 21, 1210 Brussels, tel. +32 2 226 88 88, fax +32 2 226 88 77.

Conditions of Use

1) Acceptance

As a visitor to the www.kpnbasefacts.be blogging service, the user undertakes to comply with these Conditions of Use. The sheer fact of visiting the site, using the site or registering at the site as a member entails the unconditional acceptance of said conditions. www.kpnbasefacts.be reserves the right to modify the present Conditions of Use at any time without notifying the members of any such modification. They shall be notified thereof by the display of a specific start-up screen when using the www.kpnbasefacts.be blogging service as soon as the change in the conditions of use take effect. Users are invited to check the Conditions of Use on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of the latest version at all times. The administrators of www.kpnbasefacts.be offer no guarantees of any kind that the website shall not contain any errors or as to the uninterrupted operation of the www.kpnbasefacts.be site.

2) Description of the Service

www.kpnbasefacts.be is an information platform intended for the general public enabling users, once they have registered, to exchange comments and opinions www.kpnbasefacts.be reserves the right to monitor and to select the information addressed prior to its publication.

3) Identification

  1. Admissibility – Access to the service
    1. Access to the site is free of charge.
    2. The user must register on the site, communicate certain data and create an access code plus a password. If the user disagrees or does not accept the Conditions of Use, he may not use the parts of the site concerned.
    3. The user must be at least 18 years of age in order to register with the www.kpnbasefacts.be blogging service
    4. The personal information must be correct, complete and up-to-date, and the user must be legally competent in order to access the service.
    5. The user must create his account in his own name and is not authorised to create an account for a third party, unless he possesses written permission to do so.
    6. www.kpnbasefacts.be shall be within its rights to put an end to any membership at any time, regardless of reason and without prior notice.
    7. www.kpnbasefacts.be shall be within its rights to stop providing the Service and block or cancel memberships at any time and without prior notice.
    8. In the event of conflict with one or several members (or non-members), www.kpnbasefacts.be or its administrator cannot be held responsible for the damage, present or future, that might derive from said conflict.
    9. The use of user names, passwords and/or access codes is the sole responsibility of the user, who undertakes to keep any such user names, passwords and/or access codes secret and confidential.
    10. In the event of theft or misuse of the information included in his identifiers, it is incumbent on the user to immediately notify www.kpnbasefacts.be thereof by e-mail sent to the address xxx, specifying the word ´CONNECTION´ in the subject line of the message.

  3. Use by the Members
    1. All users are responsible for the consequences of their use of the site.
    2. The user is obliged to report all information of a harmful or illegal nature that is found on the site, by sending an e-mail to …..xxxx as soon as possible.
    3. None of the information published on www.kpnbasefacts.be shall be allowed to constitute a violation of the law. By using the www.kpnbasefacts.be site, the user agrees to submit to the supervision of the administrators of www.kpnbasefacts.be. All information shall be verified before being published, with www.kpnbasefacts.be being the exclusive property of its administrators.

4) Confidentiality

  1. Type of data collected
    1. Public informationThe information provided by the user, i.e. the information on the profile, the blog articles, the messages.
      The messages sent to other users, the links.
    2. Personal informationThe administrative details, user names, passwords and confidentiality parameters.
    3. History and notification
      1. Time, date and URL of all the pages of the present site visited.
      2. Searches conducted.
      3. Technical information of the Internet browser and of the computer used to log on to the site
  2. Sharing of personal details with third parties Users’ personal details shall not be communicated to third parties. No e-mail address shall ever be disclosed to third parties. Access to the personal details shall be authorised only in case of illegal use or if the www.kpnbasefacts.be administrators are ordered to do so by the judicial authorities. The personal details of the users shall not be used for direct marketing purposes.

    However, the data shall be used send users who have expressly requested this, the newsletter written by the www.kpnbasefacts.be administrator as well as the RSS feeds sent out by the www.kpnbasefacts.be site and which the user has subscribed to


  3. Cookies and Web tracersThe website uses cookies to identify the users in order to remember the language preferences and to facilitate navigation on the site.
    These cookies can be deactivated through the Internet browser. However, this may cause some parts of the website to operate less than optimally.
  4. Access to personal detailsUsers’ personal details, including the electronic data, are recorded in the files of KPN Group Belgium s.a. with a view to customer management, the prevention of fraud and illegal acts as well as for marketing and market research purposes. The processing of these data is subject, inter alia, to the provisions of the Act of 8 December 1992 on Privacy Protection and of the Act of 13 June 2005 on Electronic Communications. The user has the right to access and amend his details, in compliance with the provision on this subject set out in our General Terms and Conditions. The user is within his rights to object to the use of his personal details for marketing and market research purposes, and do so free of charge.
  5. Contact detailswww.kpnbasefacts.be c/o KPN Group Belgium s.a.
    105 Neerveldstraat
    1200 Brussels Belgium
    Tel: +32 (0)486 19 1999
    VAT: BE 462.925.669
    E-mail: basefacts@kpngroup.be

5) Liability

  1. Opinions and comments The user is solely and exclusively responsible for all views, opinions and comments that he shall share on www.kpnbasefacts.be. The following contents are listed by way of examples as to what is illegal or banned from posting. www.kpnbasefacts.be reserves the right to monitor the content of the information prior to its publication and not to post certain information. The reasons for non-posting need not be explained to the users, who must abide by the final decision of the administrators of www.kpnbasefacts.be.


  2. Illegal content Illegal content is strictly prohibited, as is sending to such contents via links.
    “Illegal contents” is hereby described as any of the following subjects (without this list being exhaustive):

    1. Racism, xenophobia, revisionism and discrimination
    2. Content that is considered to offend the public, pornographic or paedophilic photos, the offering of prostitution or escort services, implicit or explicit invitations for sexual activities
    3. Libel, defamation of character, harassment, abuse of name or image, breach of trust, etc.
  3. Protected information
    1. Intellectual property: the user is not authorised to take over and/or to share on the site documents or other creations that are protected by copyright if he does not have all of the authorisations required to do so. In the event of a complaint by third parties relating directly or indirectly to a violation of this obligation incumbent on the user, the latter shall be solely and exclusively liable vis-à-vis the complainant and vis-à-vis the third parties alike (including KPN Group Belgium s.a.), and undertakes to hold KPN Group Belgium s.a. wholly harmless for all and any direct or indirect loss incurred by the latter as a direct or indirect result of such a complaint. Piracy and hacking of the site: pirating or hacking the www.kpnbasefacts.be site or the account of a user is prohibited and punishable under criminal law. www.kpnbasefacts.be shall put in place all necessary measures if this rule is found to be breached.
    2. www.kpnbasefacts.be is the owner of the content of this blogging service as well as of the logos, trademarks, databases, drawings, images, etc. appearing thereon. www.kpnbasefacts.be reserves all rights, including the intellectual property rights, on all of the elements of its site protected under intellectual property rights in the broad sense of the term (including copyright, trademarks, industrial rights, rights to the image and sui generis rights). The reproduction, representation, transfer, distribution and registration of these elements are prohibited, unless with the prior and written permission of www.kpnbasefacts.be. The user is permitted to view, search through and consult the website and to print out short extracts for personal and private purposes only. The fact that the user is authorised to log on to and navigate around www.kpnbasefacts.be by no means implies that he was given a licence of any kind on all or part of the elements protected by intellectual rights which www.kpnbasefacts.be is the holder of. As such, the users does not hold any rights to such elements.
  4. Hyperlinks www.kpnbasefacts.be may contain hyperlinks sending the user to websites that are not the property of the www.kpnbasefacts.be administrators. The use of such sites is subject to the Conditions of Use of the third-party owners; the administrators of www.kpnbasefacts.be control neither these websites nor the information appearing on said sites and are subsequently unable to offer any guarantees with regard to the contents and/or the presentation of the latter. A fortiori, the administrators of www.kpnbasefacts.be consequently cannot under any circumstances be held responsible in the event of damage, whether it be direct, indirect, accessory or incidental, resulting from or relating to such use. These links and sources of information are made available to the users by title of indication only and do not imply any kind of sponsorship of, support of or affiliation with any of these sites. It is prohibited to post hyperlinks on a third-party website sending visitors to that website to www.kpnbasefacts.be without the prior written authorisation of the latter’s administrators.

    Warnings and indications

    The user is deemed to have duly read and understood all of the warnings and indications of the site. Any use of the site as of this moment shall be regarded as explicit assent to the Conditions of Use..


  5. Non-compliance with the Conditions of Use Without prejudice to the general right of www.kpnbasefacts.be to deny access to the website or to the services, including the protected sections, the user undertakes to hold harmless www.kpnbasefacts.be and any third persons for all and any direct or indirect loss incurred by the latter resulting from his act/omission, and notably in the event of consequential loss resulting from the failure to observe the Conditions of Use governing this blogging service.


  6. Reporting abuseswww.kpnbasefacts.be c/o KPN Group Belgium s.a.
    105 Neerveldstraat
    1200 Brussels Belgium
    Tel: +32 (0)486 19 1999
    VAT: BE 462.925.669
    Email : basefacts@kpngroup.be

Applicable law

These Conditions of Use are governed by and shall be interpreted in conformity with Belgian law. Any dispute relating to the Conditions of Use shall be submitted before the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels which shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Territorial use