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Mobile internet still on hold in Brussels

At the end of October 2014, a request for annulment was submitted to the Constitutional Court by a number of
associations, including Inter-Environnement Bruxelles, against the 6V/m Order of 3 April 2014 on the radiation
produced by mobile telephone antennae in Brussels. The order was meant to amend the so-called “3V/m” Order,
so excessively strict that it made it impossible to roll out any new mobile technologies in the Belgian capital.
The Court is expected to make a decision by the end of the year. If the outcome is unfavourable, Brussels might have
to say goodbye to 4G.

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Taxation of mobile facilities: enough of the schizophrenia

Although policy declarations by Governments represent a framework for action to be taken through legislation, it must be acknowledged that in practice some of them certainly do not adhere to the framework.

The wish to provide access to high-speed mobile internet networks while simultaneously taxing their infrastructures in a totally disproportionate fashion makes one wonder about the tax policy implemented.

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Taxation or innovation, a choice has to be made

Mobile telecom facilities have long been taxed by Belgium’s “communes”. However, according to Frans Timmermans, the First Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of making improvements to regulations: “2015 will be the year for delivering the announced Investment Plan to boost our economy, opening up the opportunities of the Digital Single Market for citizens and business”. BASE Company falls in behind this declaration.

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The latest scientific data confirms that electromagnetic fields have no adverse health effects

The Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), an independent science committee that provides opinions for the European Commission, has just published its latest opinion concerning the potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. This committee’s main conclusions are very reassuring, as they show that according to the results of current scientific research, there are no adverse health effects if exposure remains below the levels recommended by European legislation.

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A mobile network of high quality = a key element in the safety of festival participants

This year, just days before the start of the 2014 edition of Pukkelpop Festival, a localised gust of wind caused a marquee to collapse, reviving fears from the organisers and causing them to adopt additional safety measures. One of these measures was to contact the mobile operators and ask them to beef up the capacity of their networks during the festival. Fortunately, this kind of action is already taken as a matter of course by BASE Company, and with even greater vigilance since the tragic events of 2011.

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Power cuts this winter: BASE Company advocates priority replenishment of mobile networks

In the event of power outage, mobile networks will cease to function from one to two hours after the outage, depending on the circumstances, implying that in the affected areas, it will not be possible to communicate by phone, SMS or mobile Internet for most of the period when there is no electrical power (estimated to be three to fi ve hours). Nor will it be possible to use a landline unless you have a traditional analogue line and a phone which does not depend on electric power (it will work for another four hours on average). The fixed Internet will stop working immediately.

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Power cuts this winter: what impact on mobile networks?

According to predictions from Elia, Belgium’s electricity transmission system operator, we may be facing an electricity shortage this winter. If the measures taken by the authorities are not suffi cient to ensure the balance of supply, the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Energy may ask Elia to activate the power outage plan in order to prevent a blackout. This involves cutting the electricity supply in certain defi ned zones for periods from three to five hours. The fact is that our mobile network is largely dependent on the supply of electricity.

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Excellent customer service: the third essential pillar for mobile telephony

  The most significant signal contained in the latest report by the Telecom Ombudsman Service shows a considerable decline in the number of complaints from consumers about the services they received last year from the mobile operators. The number of comments about BASE has, in common with other years, again declined, and this time by … Continued

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The challenge for mobile telephony in Belgium? A regulatory framework favourable for investments for the next 5 years.

Now the regional and federal formation discussions are coming up to speed, time has come for the negotiators to really take the mobile telephony industry into account. The industry directly employs 4,000 people and indirectly more than 30,000. Together the three mobile operators have paid since their creation more than 1,5 billion € in licence … Continued