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Premium services: outlawed companies break the law and fraud is on the up and up

There are cases in which one despairs of ever finding a solution, and yet solutions do exist. For years, BASE Company has been calling for the proper authorities to rid the sector of Premium numbers with an all-out attack on the various frauds and swindles that all too often target mobile users.

Here we are specifically focusing on landline numbers: 090X and foreign numbers, especially those with the country prefix +2XX.

In the former case, fraudsters present, for example, the number as 09/023 45 56 to make customers think they are calling an ordinary number in the Ghent area, while in the second scenario the number is presented, for example, as +212/345 67 89, and customers think it is a Belgian number in the Tongres area. Consumers will be swindled every time, and the bill will be steep.

0 Theme: Network Author: October 28, 2015

Justice in the interest and for the protection of all, in partnership with all parties

On Friday, 16 October 2015, the Council of Ministers took two important decisions for the telecom sector in general and for BASE Company in particular. First, the Government adopted in first reading a draft bill on the collection and retention of data in the sector of electronic communications. Secondly, the Government ratified an agreement between BASE Company and the State concerning the settlement of the invoices due by the State since 2012 and still outstanding. These are two important decisions, and they are welcomed by BASE Company. We have always said that it is in the very interest of justice that there should be full cooperation between operators and the Justice Department. We have always believed that all parties involved were responsible for this good partnership and that they must honour their obligations.

0 Theme: Network Tariffs and Choice Author: September 22, 2015

The Wallonia Digital Council advocates the elimination of taxes on GSM pylons and antennae

On Friday 18 September, the Wallonia Digital Council submitted its conclusions to Minister Marcourt in a report – “Digital Wallonia. Digital Plan Proposal“. It will be remembered that the Council’s task is to define specific courses of action to be undertaken in connection with digital strategy to make Wallonia one of the foremost ‘digitalised’ regions. BASE Company fully supports this initiative. One of the Council’s recommendations is to eliminate taxes on GSM pylons and antennae.

0 Theme: Consumer protection Network Tariffs and Choice Author: July 8, 2015

The Internet must be free and open. BASE Company fully supports the European position

“A free and open Internet: BASE Company is the first to promote it! – An Internet without restrictions and open to everyone: who would think of opposing it? – An Internet that allows everyone to benefit from the offers that suit them: the future.”

This is what we said a few weeks ago to express our position on net neutrality. Something we are not afraid to say (http://bit.ly/1gnfXgb). Now that Europe has taken a position on the subject, we are saying it again.

0 Theme: Network Tariffs and Choice Author: June 16, 2015

Walk the talk: Brussels shoots itself in the foot by contemplating a tax on innovation

Contrary to indications clearly given to operators at the start of its term of office, the Brussels government is contemplating passing a regional tax on mobile telephone installations. If this new tax is confirmed, it will have to be regarded as a sort of tax on innovation to discourage and hinder investments in mobile technology of the future in the Capital of Europe.

0 Theme: Consumer protection Network Tariffs and Choice Author: June 3, 2015

One digital agenda, several digital agendas, which digital agendas with no political will?

For the past few years, one of the priorities of the political world (European, Belgian, regional, communal, municipal) has been to become digital. Let the government be digital, let citizens be digital, let companies be digital, let everyone benefit from the best mobile connections and let that contribute to better well-being and increased value creation.

0 Theme: Consumer protection Network Tariffs and Choice Author: May 13, 2015

Innovate, invent, collaborate for a Connected Europe

Few days ago, the regulators in Belgium and Luxembourg announced an agreement between them that will allow a telecom operator from Luxembourg, JOIN Experience, in collaboration with a Belgian telecom operator, BASE Company in this case, to offer complete mobile telecommunications services in Belgium without additional roaming costs for calls, text messages or mobile Internet in Luxembourg.

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Mobile internet still on hold in Brussels

At the end of October 2014, a request for annulment was submitted to the Constitutional Court by a number of
associations, including Inter-Environnement Bruxelles, against the 6V/m Order of 3 April 2014 on the radiation
produced by mobile telephone antennae in Brussels. The order was meant to amend the so-called “3V/m” Order,
so excessively strict that it made it impossible to roll out any new mobile technologies in the Belgian capital.
The Court is expected to make a decision by the end of the year. If the outcome is unfavourable, Brussels might have
to say goodbye to 4G.