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Premium services: outlawed companies break the law and fraud is on the up and up

There are cases in which one despairs of ever finding a solution, and yet solutions do exist. For years, BASE Company has been calling for the proper authorities to rid the sector of Premium numbers with an all-out attack on the various frauds and swindles that all too often target mobile users.

Here we are specifically focusing on landline numbers: 090X and foreign numbers, especially those with the country prefix +2XX.

In the former case, fraudsters present, for example, the number as 09/023 45 56 to make customers think they are calling an ordinary number in the Ghent area, while in the second scenario the number is presented, for example, as +212/345 67 89, and customers think it is a Belgian number in the Tongres area. Consumers will be swindled every time, and the bill will be steep.

0 Theme: Corporate Social responsability Health Network Author: March 10, 2015

The latest scientific data confirms that electromagnetic fields have no adverse health effects

The Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), an independent science committee that provides opinions for the European Commission, has just published its latest opinion concerning the potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. This committee’s main conclusions are very reassuring, as they show that according to the results of current scientific research, there are no adverse health effects if exposure remains below the levels recommended by European legislation.

0 Theme: Corporate Social responsability Network Author: January 6, 2015

A mobile network of high quality = a key element in the safety of festival participants

This year, just days before the start of the 2014 edition of Pukkelpop Festival, a localised gust of wind caused a marquee to collapse, reviving fears from the organisers and causing them to adopt additional safety measures. One of these measures was to contact the mobile operators and ask them to beef up the capacity of their networks during the festival. Fortunately, this kind of action is already taken as a matter of course by BASE Company, and with even greater vigilance since the tragic events of 2011.

0 Theme: Corporate Social responsability Network Author: December 11, 2014

Power cuts this winter: BASE Company advocates priority replenishment of mobile networks

In the event of power outage, mobile networks will cease to function from one to two hours after the outage, depending on the circumstances, implying that in the affected areas, it will not be possible to communicate by phone, SMS or mobile Internet for most of the period when there is no electrical power (estimated to be three to fi ve hours). Nor will it be possible to use a landline unless you have a traditional analogue line and a phone which does not depend on electric power (it will work for another four hours on average). The fixed Internet will stop working immediately.

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Power cuts this winter: what impact on mobile networks?

According to predictions from Elia, Belgium’s electricity transmission system operator, we may be facing an electricity shortage this winter. If the measures taken by the authorities are not suffi cient to ensure the balance of supply, the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Energy may ask Elia to activate the power outage plan in order to prevent a blackout. This involves cutting the electricity supply in certain defi ned zones for periods from three to five hours. The fact is that our mobile network is largely dependent on the supply of electricity.

0 Theme: Consumer protection Corporate Social responsability Author: January 28, 2014

Another milestone in the battle against “bill shock”

In the telecoms package adopted by the Belgian Parliament last June, one article of the Act provided that operators should warn their customers free of charge of spiralling mobile phone bills. After all, there is nothing more frustrating for a customer than receiving an unexpected sky-high bill at the end of the month. With the increasing use of mobile internet, this risk is very real and can lead to some very nasty surprises. As part of its efforts to offer better protection to its customers, BASE Company had a two-year advance on much of this legal provision.

0 Theme: Corporate Social responsability Health Author: September 13, 2012

New brochure from mobile phone operators on the use of mobile phones

KPN Group Belgium/BASE, Mobistar and Belgacom have worked together on a brochure intended to inform people about the use of mobile phones. This brochure, entitled “Les ondes de mon GSM en questions… et réponses” (“The waves of my mobile phone in questions… and answers”), will shortly be distributed by KPN Group Belgium in BASE-shops and Allo-Télécom stores and made available to the public in all municipalities in Belgium.

0 Theme: Corporate Social responsability Network Author: March 14, 2012

Telephone services and legal costs: the pot and the kettle

As part of last weekend’s budgetary control, the Government unilaterally and without any kind of prior consultation decided to significantly cut the legal costs it pays the operators for their information. This decision comes in the footsteps of another unilateral reduction of the legal costs just a year ago. KPN/BASE deplores this approach by the Government, which overlooks the structural reasons behind the costs as well as the amount of the legal costs involved, and which is at risk of exacerbating the situation even further, with the upshot that these expenses will go up. Consequently, KPN/BASE would like to invite the Government to reconsider its decision and to engage in dialogue with the telecom operators to find structural solutions to the problems that exist.

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Minister Magnette makes unfortunate comparison between mobile phones and tobacco

A few days ago, Paul Magnette, the Minister responsible for consumer protection, was interviewed on Radio 1 about a federal initiative that would make it obligatory to post the value of mobile phone waves (the « SAR » or specific absorption rate) of handsets in both sales outlets and ads: http://bit.ly/pAHWj4. During the interview, the Minister noted that for many years there was no scientific proof that tobacco was harmful, and drew a parallel with the situation of mobile phone waves.

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Do transmission towers have an impact on the environment?

The Brussels 3V/m standard obliges the operators to erect around 400 additional transmission towers. GSMA has calculated that the introduction of the Brussels 3V/m standard leads to an extra energy consumption equal to that of 135 inhabitants. This is an additional CO2 emission of 1,000 tonnes. Introducing the Brussels 3V/m standard throughout Europe would require an extra 250-megawatt gas-fired power plant. You can read all about it in the study “The energy impact of lower RF-EMF exposure limit – case study on the Brussels region“.