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The failures of mobile communications in Brussels: operators encourage regional authorities to take action

In the press release it issued today, BECI points the finger at the mobile telephone operators, highlighting their responsibility for the progressive deterioration in the quality of the mobile networks in Brussels. The response from the mobile telephone operators is that this issue must be looked at from a different angle. If there is a … Continued

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Belgian net neutrality bill harmful for consumers

The bill appears to implicitly provide that future innovations concerning mobile telecommunications will no longer be possible. Certain Internet services will not be able to be sped up, or access to certain services will not be able to be improved or offered at a cheaper rate. Every intervention that has a positive or negative impact on the Internet user experience of the customer is prohibited. And that isn´t at all good for the customer.

0 Theme: Consumer protection Tariffs and Choice Author: September 12, 2011

European Parliament largely agrees with the Commission on net neutrality

The Commission and the European Parliament proceed on the assumption that mutual competition will deter operators from violating net neutrality. Operators who might get it in their mind to offer only a “limited” Internet will lose customers. Operators who prohibit or set rates for VoIP or messenger apps will be pilloried.

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Net neutrality: position of the Belgian operators.

After Chile and the Netherlands, Belgium too is now considering a legislative initiative on net neutrality. Below you will find the position of the Belgian operators on the subject. Benoit Scheen, chairman of the Platform of Alternative Operators, and Jean-François Willame of Belgacom have already set forth this position before the competent Parliamentary Committee. The Parliament will be continuing its work on net neutrality in the fall.

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Do transmission towers have an impact on the environment?

The Brussels 3V/m standard obliges the operators to erect around 400 additional transmission towers. GSMA has calculated that the introduction of the Brussels 3V/m standard leads to an extra energy consumption equal to that of 135 inhabitants. This is an additional CO2 emission of 1,000 tonnes. Introducing the Brussels 3V/m standard throughout Europe would require an extra 250-megawatt gas-fired power plant. You can read all about it in the study “The energy impact of lower RF-EMF exposure limit – case study on the Brussels region“.

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Mobile networks in Brussels require capacity

KPN/BASE has sufficient mobile capacity all over Belgium, including in Brussels. But Brussels has introduced the strictest standard in the world. The Brussels 3V/m standard is forcing KPN/BASE to reduce capacity. Maintaining the current capacity is not an option, as this will lead to a breach of the standard. KPN/BASE is reducing capacity by reducing the number of masts per site as well as the capacity of the sites. This means a decline in the number of calls that a site can handle. It will not be technically possible to ramp up capacity quickly during peaks in communication, during big events or disasters.

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No communication without adequate capacity

Traumatised, soaking wet and sometimes injured following the disaster, Pukkelpop visitors were frantically trying to contact relatives and their friends on the site. Upon seeing the dramatic images on television, parents and family members tried to contact their dear ones at the festival, often in vain. Parents jumped into their cars in panic to go and search for them, causing substantial traffic jams leading to the Pukkelpop site. All because the mobile networks had insufficient capacity, making communication difficult or impossible for many people. Could this have been prevented?

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A sponsorship strategy based on shared standards and values

We have already read about the bond that KPN/BASE has built up with Standard Football Club, and how this choice was determined by the parallels between the activities of both organisations. Sponsoring is never restricted to one club or activity alone and sponsorship contracts are always entered into with the same underlying idea, or based … Continued