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Excellent customer service: the third essential pillar for mobile telephony

  The most significant signal contained in the latest report by the Telecom Ombudsman Service shows a considerable decline in the number of complaints from consumers about the services they received last year from the mobile operators. The number of comments about BASE has, in common with other years, again declined, and this time by … Continued

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The challenge for mobile telephony in Belgium? A regulatory framework favourable for investments for the next 5 years.

Now the regional and federal formation discussions are coming up to speed, time has come for the negotiators to really take the mobile telephony industry into account. The industry directly employs 4,000 people and indirectly more than 30,000. Together the three mobile operators have paid since their creation more than 1,5 billion € in licence … Continued

0 Theme: Consumer protection Network Spectrum Tariffs and Choice Author: May 11, 2014

Along with global players we also need small operators*

The Digital Agenda for Europe reached cruising speed a year before the elections, with debates in the Parliament and the Council, amendments to the original proposal of Vice-President Kroes and discussions on the national level. The original timing – to have the entire proposal approved before the elections on May 25th – has  not been … Continued

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Study required on taxing telecom installations.

BIPT should initiate a debate in the new legislative term       Belgium has an international reputation for levying taxes on income. Less well-known is the fact that this reputation is equally well-deserved for imposing all kinds of charges on the installations of mobile telephone networks. There are only a few countries in the world … Continued

0 Theme: Network Tariffs and Choice Author: December 9, 2013

Mobile operators send open letter to Members of Walloon Parliament.

The three mobile operators in Belgium  – BASE company, Belgacom and Mobistar- have sent a joint open letter to the Members of the Walloon Parliament. The Walloon Parliament will vote this week over a tax on GSM pylons that can go up to 24.000 € per site. This way investing in a moderne broadband network becomes … Continued

0 Theme: Network Spectrum Author: November 28, 2013

Walloon proposal to tax mobile phone masts opts for quick revenues, not for a vision of the region´s future.

The Walloon Government´s draft decree with budgetary measures is ready for discussion in the Parliament. Without prior disclosure or consultation with the sector involved, the government wishes to impose € 48 million in regional and local taxes on mobile telecom sites in the Walloon Region. Such a heavy tax on utility equipment is hardly a … Continued

0 Theme: Tariffs and Choice Author: November 20, 2013

Voluntary is better than forced: a plea for a free tariff choice

Minister Vande Lanotte announced it at the start of the year: after the electricity tariffs, this year he was going to tackle the telecoms tariffs. The minister is organising an information round through the municipalities in our country on mobile phone tariffs, mandatory information sheets to be published on the various tariff options, is initiating … Continued

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European single market:far-reaching reforms deserve thoughtful reflection.

In mid-September, European Commissioner and Vice-President Neelie Kroes launched a proposal for a regulation to establish a European single market, and Europe will have known it. Since June, when the main elements of the memo ‘leaked out’, the sector has been buzzing with reactions to the proposals to harmonise regulations, boost competition and reduce mobile … Continued